15 Sep 2020

By Mike Weaver

In Personal Injury

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

After a wreck, many people will want to talk to you. There will be the other driver, possible witnesses, paramedics, the police, and many others. It is absolutely necessary that you DO NOT talk to anyone about the wreck itself before the police arrive. If there are witnesses present and you think that they might leave, get their contact information. But, do not talk to them about what happened. If these witnesses want to tell you what they saw, that is acceptable. However, do not tell them what you believed happened before the police arrive. The most important thing about a wreck is that your perception of the events is not tainted by any other party. The other driver will do his best to convince you that the wreck was not his fault. The other driver may also take anything you say and twist it to his benefit when providing his own version of events. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will also attempt to speak with you and get a statement from you concerning the wreck. DO NOT speak with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. That is what your lawyer is for. While the facts may seem cut and dry, there are an infinite number of small nuances and details that may impact your case. The only person on scene that you will need to talk to is law enforcement. Speak to them, be clear, and be honest about the facts of the wreck. Let your attorney speak to everyone else. Your attorney will not only be your voice, but also your advocate and defender.

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