Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in GA

Spinal Cord Injury

Any injury to the spinal cord is something to be taken seriously. That’s because the spinal cord performs some of the most important functions in the body. The signals it carries do everything from controlling the muscles that help people move to regulate critical organ functions. When someone’s spinal cord is damaged, the injury can disrupt a person’s mobility and health for the rest of their life.

At Weaver Law Firm, we understand the devastating impact that a spinal cord injury can have on accident victims and their families. For over 20 years, we’ve fought for Georgians with spine injuries, helping them seek the compensation they need after serious accidents. From investigating the accident and working with your doctors to putting together a clear picture of your injuries and losses, we can craft a strong claim for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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When Can You File a Personal Injury Claim After a Spinal Cord Injury?

If you were hurt in an accident and someone else was to blame, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover financial compensation for your losses. You can file a personal injury claim as soon as you’re ready. But it’s important to have everything you need in place first. Medical records, accident reports, expert reviews, and a clear understanding of how your injuries have impacted your life are just a few of the items you may need to support your spine injury claim.

If you have questions about your legal rights after an accident, speak with a Georgia spinal cord injury lawyer from Weaver Law Firm today. We can help you understand your options for spinal cord injury compensation and take the pressure off you.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are more common than you may think. Even a seemingly minor accident can cause neck injury, back injury, and unexpected complications that may result in spinal cord damage. Leading causes of spine injuries include:

How Much Is a Spinal Cord Injury Case Worth?

After a spinal cord injury, you may need significant treatment, support, and care. This is especially true in the weeks and months following an accident. All of this can add up fast, leaving you with enormous bills and no income to support yourself. Through a spine injury claim, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • The medical care, surgeries, and treatment that you need. A spine injury can have significant consequences for your health, and the cost of treatment can be overwhelming. You can seek compensation for these costs, any medical equipment, and the support you need in the future.
  • Your lost wages and damage the accident did to your future earnings. A back injury or spine injury can take away your career and leave you without the ability to earn. In a claim, you can pursue compensation for these losses.
  • Pain and suffering along with emotional distress. A spine injury can result in lasting physical and psychological pain. A spine injury case can help you pursue compensation for the non-economic losses you experience.
  • Loss of consortium for married couples. A spine injury can take away a victim’s ability to care for and support their spouse. The loss of this support may be part of a compensation claim.

If you have questions about what compensation may be available in your case, speak with a back injury lawyer today. At Weaver Law Firm, our attorneys will evaluate your case for free and explain all your options.

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Time Limit for Filing a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit in Georgia

In Georgia, the statute of limitations typically gives you two years from the accident’s date to file a spinal cord injury lawsuit. If you need to bring a lawsuit, make sure that you speak with a spinal cord injury lawyer in Georgia as soon as possible to understand any deadlines in your case. Investigating your accident, identifying all possible sources of compensation, and documenting your losses will take time. So the sooner you contact an attorney, the better.

What to Expect in Treatment for a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury treatment has come a long way in the past few decades. However, there’s still only so many doctors can do. Doctors can use surgery and medication to treat injuries and symptoms. But the damage to the spinal cord usually can’t be repaired. While some experimental medical procedures are showing promise, spinal cord injuries are usually irreversible.

Following any surgeries or medication, rehabilitation is usually the next step in treatment. In rehabilitation, patients work with specialists to rebuild control, develop muscles, and learn how to adapt to the injury. Although the process can be painful, it can be a vital part of recovery following an accident.

How Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Georgia Can Help You

When you’re injured, it can take everything you have just to get through the day. The thought of pursuing a personal injury claim can be more than some people can bear. But our spinal cord injury lawyers take the pressure off you during this stressful time. We do all the work in pursuing the financial compensation you need to recover.

After a spinal cord injury accident, our lawyers can help by:

  • Reviewing your case for free, answering your questions, and going over all your options
  • Gathering important evidence about who was at fault
  • Identifying all possible sources of compensation for your spinal cord injury claim
  • Working with experts and your doctors to understand the impact your injuries have on your life
  • Serving as your voice in spinal cord injury settlement negotiations
  • Taking your spinal cord injury lawsuit to court when those at fault won’t agree to a fair settlement

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact Weaver Law Firm today. Our experienced attorneys work with spinal cord injury victims and families throughout Gainesville, Cumming, Murrayville, or North Georgia. For a free consultation, call us or contact us online now.