3 Oct 2022

By Weaver Law Firm Admin

In Workers Comp

Under Georgia workers’ compensation law an employer is responsible for injuries sustained by an employee if the injuries arise out of and occur within the scope of employment.  An employee is not required to prove the employer caused the accident, only that the employee was at work, and engaged in his or her normal duties when the injury occurred.

If you are injured on the job, immediately report the injury to your supervisor and request a “Panel of Physicians” from your employer.  The employer is responsible for all medical expenses, missed time at work, and permanent disability ratings that result from the work-related injury.

Often, insurance companies will bully and attempt to take advantage of an injured party, fail to schedule medical appointments timely, and fail to pay income benefits timely during a workers’ compensation case. When this happens, it is time to contact an attorney.  Call Weaver Law Firm as we would love to discuss your case with you.