What is a Statute of Limitations?

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Georgia Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

What is a Statute of Limitations?

Here are the facts:

There are several reasons why you should contact an attorney immediately after you or a loved one have been injured in an accident. One is, if you do not act within an appropriate time, it will become harder or impossible to file a claim. Generally speaking, the courts want victims to come forward as soon as possible following their accident. In order to ensure this happens, a statute of limitations, a law passed by the legislative body sets the maximum time after an event within which the legal proceedings may be initiated. In most cases, when the time specified in a statute of limitations passes, a claim no longer may be filed or extended. This means your claim will be rejected by the courts and you will get nothing, even if you had a valid grievance.

​How long do I have to file an injury claim in the State of Georgia?

In Georgia, most cases have a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

Typically, the deadline begins from the date of the accident or injury. This may vary on the grounds of a medical malpractice case, since the claim may involve failure to diagnose a condition and the patient had no way of knowing about the problem earlier.

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