Civil Litigation

Our attorneys have earned a reputation as aggressive advocates for people who are coping with serious personal injuries, workers’ compensation claims, family law matters, criminal charges, and bankruptcies.

Civil Litigation Attorney in GA

Civil Litigation

Nobody wants a legal battle. But if you find yourself facing one, you deserve a fair fight. The fact is that litigation is complex, and in the courtroom, skill and experience matter. That’s why it’s so important to turn to a civil litigation attorney you can trust. At Weaver Law Firm, our Georgia civil litigation attorneys have over 20 years of experience successfully representing clients in Gainesville, Cumming, Murrayville, and throughout the state. When you need a dedicated trial lawyer, turn to us.

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Jury Trials

When a jury trial is actually taking place in court, it can be one of the most sensitive and stressful times in a case. Complex arguments, detailed evidence, and aggressive advocacy all play a role in a jury trial. For someone new to the court, a jury trial can be an overwhelming experience, but a seasoned litigator knows what to expect. Throughout the process, our trial lawyers will fight for our clients while giving the jury the respect they deserve and the knowledge they need to come to the right conclusion.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are central to modern life. They provide predictability and order in the transactions we rely on every day. Whether they are about agreements between individuals, businesses, or any other organization, contracts are key to keeping things moving. Without them, many transactions would be unclear or would not have the structure that they need.

Unfortunately, when contracts are not followed, disputes can arise. Disagreements over language in the document and expectations not written into the agreement can damage a relationship and require a court to step in. When that happens, it’s important to get the legal advice and support that you need to stand up for your rights.

If a contract dispute needs to move into litigation, our experienced trial attorneys have you covered. We have a deep knowledge of contract law, and we’re prepared to seek the resolution that you deserve. We’ve successfully represented people and organizations throughout Georgia in complex contract disputes. Whether you’re an individual or you represent a large corporation, turn to us for the legal knowledge and litigation skills you need.

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Business Litigation

Disputes between businesses can often be resolved through negotiation and discussions. But sometimes those processes aren’t enough, and you’ll have to go before a court. When that happens, a business litigator can serve as your voice and your advocate throughout the process.

At Weaver Law Firm, we help businesses resolve legal matters. From real estate disputes and contractual problems to non-competition agreements and intellectual property disagreements, our firm is ready to help. Our business litigation attorneys can sit down with you to discuss your case as well as alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or arbitration. No matter what, we are ready to explore your options and help you find the quickest and most cost-effective resolution to the dispute.

Wills and Estate Plans

Wills and estate planning are essential for everyone. They can help you minimize your taxes while structuring your estate to avoid disputes in the future. But wills and estate plans can also lead to disputes. Family members, beneficiaries, and many others may raise questions about a will or an estate plan when someone passes away. That’s especially common when there are questions about recent changes or issues such as undue influence. When that happens, it’s critical for a court to hear and resolve the dispute.

Whether you need a will and estate planning, or you need an experienced litigator to represent you in a dispute, you can turn to Weaver Law Firm for support. Creating wills and estate planning can involve complex documents. A dispute over those documents can leave you unsure of your rights or of what comes next. But our knowledgeable civil litigation attorneys can guide you through the process and stand up for you at every turn.

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